Love for the Season

ArmsOpen-150x150Love is a home for your soul, a spiritual blueprint which allows us to build a life guided purpose and divine light. Love washes over us like raindrops from heaven bathing us in meaning, purpose and joy. Seek the company of souls adrift and let your love wash over them as doing so will awaken humanity to unimaginable bliss. Love is the karmic whole that enables us to live life in a more conscious way. Love always – Love for the Season

The above was shared on Facebook, Gilles Chamboraire the morning of the winter solstice. So many are sharing their perspectives now. It seems humanity is rising up to meet the new millennium with a different energy, focus and presence than in the past. There could be many reasons for this, all of them good, but it is important that we recognize this time as a momentary reunion – a precious present where we pause for just an instant in the true nature of our being. In that place we are ONE. This is a wonderful short video from some folks down under that can help you go there:

For so many years I’ve felt like a stranger in a strange land because of my personal experience and the challenge of finding others who share similar understanding. I happened to have a near-death experience that gave me a perspective about life that few get the opportunity to experience, let alone share. Even at the risk of misunderstanding and rejection, I’ve continued to share what I’ve learned in hopes that even just a portion of it can be understood and applied in the way we conduct business and personal relationships. Many others are voicing the same feelings and thoughts now as we move further into the new millennium. My faith and hope soars as a result.

The reality of a deeper awareness, an access to worlds unseen by most, has taken a sharp rise over the last decade. The movement of a mindset from superstition and fear-based perspectives is exactly what the spiritual texts all indicate is desired by the ‘consciousness’ of our creators yet we, humans, still regard that which is outside our frame of reference as a threat to our survival. The opposite is true in nearly every important discovery to date, yet our belief systems still override the logic and observable truth right in front of our eyes.

Love is the key to transcending our common problems. It sounds so simple. The actions of love are just as simple.

A New Living Awareness

rockinralfI’m no one special. I was adopted at 6 weeks and had a loving family and upbringing in the Midwest. I’m not sure why, but I’ve had many experiences outside the realms of most religious considerations and certainly outside the realms of psychology and psychiatry to date. I don’t expect the reader to believe anything I say, but test it for yourself as best you can.

Deep questions about my life and living prompted me to offer a prayer to my concept of ‘Creators’ as a teen, which at the time was pretty vast as I knew cosmic consciousness as not only a concept but a deep seated awareness and feeling. My prayer was about knowing truth and being willing to die to know it if necessary. I was in my first year of college, living in the honors dorm at BSU.

The following week I had come back from class, put on Journey’s first album and laid across my bed with my head propped up by the wall and my pillow. As I lay on the bed in silence of mind, just after the verse of a song I heard a voice in my head (I’d actually heard it since I was 6) that asked me if I was willing to die for what I believed in. After I got over the shock of the question I thought about what I believed in enough to die for… Christ or cosmic consciousness was my decision and “Yes” was my answer to the voice.

Instantly I felt a slight tug and was out of body, turning to look at my body lying across my bed and then turning back to look where I was going. I was immediately engulfed by White Light, embraced and surrounded in a feeling of being HOME, the ultimate home. I could think, so I knew I wasn’t ‘dead’ but all I could see was white and I had no tactile sensations. As an impetuous teenager, it got boring quickly and I asked, “Is there more?” There was, but it isn’t necessary to go into here now.

After a brief instructional period I felt a rush of energy and was back in my body taking a deep breath as though I’d been without air for some time. The actual time was about 2 minutes. The experienced and information presented seemed much, much longer. It left an indelible imprint as you might imagine. I’ve made it my life’s mission to fulfill as well as understand, and maybe the two will eventually become one.

That was in 1975, when there was very little written and even fewer people to discuss this with openly. I was lucky my parents had me see a psychiatrist that had some awareness about metaphysics and spiritual awakenings. He advised me to keep my mouth shut because people would not understand me, let alone think I was anywhere close to being sane. Silence was not and is not one of my strong points.

So over the years I researched and studied awareness on deeper levels than most can imagine, let alone experience. I have an intimate awareness and experience of what is being presented as theories in quantum mechanics now, so it is absolutely refreshing to see science and spirituality begin to coagulate in similar understandings. However, because I speak from an awareness rather than theory in most cases, I include many descriptions of events that demonstrate the understanding.

Death is indeed a reality for some, because they believe in it so strongly and have never had cause to question its reality. Folks with trauma-initiated NDEs (near-death experiences) have some greater understanding of the continuation of consciousness beyond the physical body, but still have a tough time believing that one might be able to transcend physical reality with their body.

We hear of the ability to bi-locate and even teleportation, but is it a reality. I’ve had experiences of both, but only the bi-location have I been able to repeat. The teleportation happened as a result of an early morning need to go to the bathroom. It was friend’s home and pitch black at the time. I was conscious enough to open the door and begin to proceed to the bathroom that was on the other side of the house, a good hundred or so paces away with a couple of hallways and turns to negotiate.

I took two steps and ran into a wall where an opening to the living room had been when I went to bed. I felt around for a light switch, found one and flipped it on. I was standing in front of the bathroom door. I have no idea how to explain it, only that it happened. So things way beyond our comprehension at this time are possible and maybe even repeatable if we were able to clear our consciousness of the belief that they are not. My belief didn’t matter at the time… it happened.

Now the concept of death has become a nebulous thought in my life at best. I’ve had several friends and others that have been available for conversations after their passing out of the physical bodies as well. Granted, I don’t make a practice of talking with them a lot, but the opportunities do present themselves. I’ve finally found a woman that isn’t freaked out by the experiences I provide, just by being around me. I have a ‘dead council’ that I call together every few years just to check in with them about ‘progress’ here.

One of the more mischievous strafed her body as he came into the room and sat her up in bed with a hrmmmph, literally. She had been sound asleep and my ‘meetings’ are always done in silence to the naked ear. I asked her what happened and she described feeling like someone had just passed through her body, with no malice intent, but undoubtedly an entity capable of sitting her up. It was then that I told her what I was doing.

Now I also, oddly enough, have a personal testimony of Jesus Christ. He explained to me that there is no Devil, only our mind’s capacity to deceive and respond out of fear. However, you can imagine the grief I get when I share these things, or even hint at their possibility, in Christian environments. I’m so baffled that they will use a book to belittle a living experience of what they so animatedly profess to believe. It kind of reminds me of the oxymoron ‘military intelligence.’ I’ve been told I’m full of Satan and even had some well-intentioned folks show up at my home to tell my wife she needed to leave me as soon as possible. She did, and after many years of struggle she chose to divorce me with prejudice.

Now this was originally about the concept of ‘death’ so let me bring it back into the thread. Unless one has a direct experience of its non-existence it is quite a challenge to wrap your mind around the concept, let alone free your mind enough to move beyond the intellectual constraints of the belief systems that lock you up in it. However, there is a capacity for us to know things beyond this; to know a greater truth that engages choice and free will in a whole new spectrum of experience. I’ve been there my entire life… and very alone in the world.

Imagine if we shifted our consciousness, our focus and attention, onto life-friendly possibilities of connectedness and even harmony and unity among people as a result. Might this new living awareness evolve into a new world order?